Foreign National Mortgage in California

Foreign National Mortgage in California

San Antonio Mortgage LLC
San Antonio Mortgage LLC
Published on January 16, 2023

Foreign National Mortgage in California

Seeking a foreign national mortgage in California? Call San Antonio Mortgage!

Buying a new home means the door gets opened to all your happiness right? And when you are from abroad and need a home in California then it is the most difficult thing of today’s mortgage. But there is always a chance when you are with the right mortgage lender for the foreign national mortgage in Fontana.

Just for this reason millions of people are looking for prime mortgage brokers in California. Well, if you are dealing with the same things and need help in finding your dream loan then the San Antonio Mortgage can be the right choice for you maybe.

Without a US credit history or social security number, you can still buy a home in California. To help you take the next step toward realizing your goal of becoming a homeowner, we will discuss what foreign national loans are and offer advice on how to apply for one.

Foreign National Loan Key Fact

If you’re a non-U.S. citizen looking to buy a home in the States, you’ll need a foreign national mortgage loan. The borrower plans to remain in the United States and use the money to buy property. Try getting a home loan without an SSN or a green card. You might have thought it was impossible, but a large percentage of today’s homeowners are foreign nationals who are not even permanent residents of the United States. In the United States, you can borrow money even if you have no credit history.

Documentation Needed for a Foreign Mortgage Loan by a Non-U.S. Citizen

When considering a loan application from a non-resident alien, banks often check three criteria. You must first provide some form of identification. After proving your eligibility for a loan and your capacity to make loan payments, you’ll need to provide evidence of liquid assets that can be used to cover the many fees associated with purchasing property in a foreign nation.

Any one or more of the following may be necessary as collateral for loans made to non-resident aliens:

  • Your passport’s photocopy
  • Application for a Visa to Enter the United States
  • Work experience in the past two years must be documented.
  • Two years’ worth of resident documentation, including address and ownership or rental status of the property.

Contact San Antonio Mortgage for a foreign national mortgage in San Bernardino today to learn more about the options available to immigrants seeking the best home loan possible.


So, if you are living in California and need a home for a permanent stay then San Antonio Mortgage is the option you can blindly rely on as we are the best foreign national mortgage Temecula lender offering the best flexibilities. Our services are so broad that are available across the USA as we have also helped the needs for foreign national loans in Texas. So, contact us immediately if you need the same under the best circumstances!

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